Can we meet you before booking a photography package?

You certainly can! I love to meet before you book your photography package and this is definitely something that I encourage. It's a great way for us to get to know each other and for you to see if my approach to photography is one that takes your fancy!

What happens if you fall ill?

Thankfully I’ve never had to cancel on a client due to illness up to this point. However I'm aware that these things do happen so in the unlikely event that I do fall ill on your wedding day, or on the day of your photoshoot, I will refund all monies paid and do my best to find you a replacement photographer. I have great connections in the photographic industry, both in my area and all around the UK, therefore finding you another photographer wouldn't be too difficult.

What happens if your equipment malfunctions?

I always make sure I have backup equipment just in case this happens – I have two camera bodies, an array of different lenses and spare photography essentials such as flashes, batteries and memory cards. 

Will my images be edited before presentation?

All images are individually assessed for colour and tone, and edited appropriately. Blemishes and distractions are then removed before I present you with the final images. This editing process is included in the price of your photography package!

Can we print our photographs?

Of course! Printing your photographs is the best way to view them in all of their glory. My photography packages include the printing rights to your photographs, so you and your family can print as you wish for personal use. However if you’re after high quality, long lasting professional photo prints or canvases, you can purchase them through myself; please click HERE for more information on professional printing. 

Are you insured?

I sure am! I have both public indemnity and public liability insurance.


I would like you to photograph my wedding, how do I start the process?

Great news! The best way to book your wedding photography package is to send me an email via the contact page with information about your wedding venue, date and wedding photography package choice. I can then arrange, if possible, to meet you both in person so that you can get to know myself and can ask me everything you need to know. After this and as long as you are happy with everything you have found out, I will send you a contract form for you to sign and return with a deposit to secure your wedding date. Finally, you can check “Wedding Photographer” off your to-do list.

You are based in the Essex; do you cover the whole of the UK and also destination weddings abroad? What additional fees are associated with destination weddings?

While Kelsie Low Photography is based in Clacton On Sea, Essex, I serve clients all around the world. My destination wedding photography packages are simply the standard wedding photography packages that I offer, plus the cost of my travel and accommodation. If this is something you are considering (how exciting!) then please contact me for more information.

My Uncle Bob has a good camera, surely he can photograph my wedding?

He could, but whether its when you see your photos, or years down the line, you will probably regret that choice! Professional photographic services are available for a reason and professional wedding photographers have the experience to ensure your day runs smoothly and the technical knowledge to deal with any situation. If photographs that you will love and cherish for the rest of your lives is what you want, tell Uncle Bob to take a seat and enjoy the day!

Do you take posed group photographs?

I do, but I like to keep the process short and sweet! I don’t want the guests to be missing the joy of your day and as a result of this, it would be very helpful if you could put together an ordered list of the group photographs that you would like to be taken and the people in each shot. Also if  there is someone who can help me to gather people together (Best Man duties if you ask me!) then this will definitely help make sure that the group photographs are a breeze.  

Should I provide you with a shot list for the entire day?

A shot list for the entire day isn't necessary. Once you have booked me as your wedding photographer and I have sent you across your contract, you will see that there is a section for you to enter your 'photographic preferences'. Anything in particular and out of the ordinary that you would like me to try and photograph on your wedding day, please write here and I will try my very best! 

When will the photos be ready after our wedding day?

Photographs will be selected and edited, making sure that they are optimised for printing and on-screen viewing. Within 6 weeks from your wedding date, you will be invited to access your private and password-protected gallery to view you images. You can then inform your friends and family that your beautiful photos are ready to view and they can access your wedding gallery by setting up their own user accounts and easily download images or order prints.

What wedding albums choices do I have?

I offer fine-art wedding albums which are simply stunning and fully customisable. There is a large choice of leather, silk and cotton options, and the images are printed onto beautiful gallery standard paper. Mini duplicate albums are also available and make a fantastic gift for family members.

Can I choose the photographs that go into my wedding album?

Absolutely. This is entirely your decision, it is your wedding album after all! You can pass your choices onto me and I will put the album together, before sending the finished design proof over to you to approve before it is made. 

How long will it take before I get my wedding album?

Album creation times vary, however in general, orders will generally be completed within four weeks after the album order is submitted.

Is there a reason you don't deliver every image that you shoot?

This isn't possible because I will eliminate any duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall product. Candid laughs and emotional tears can make for some of the best images from you wedding day but unfortunately, they can also yield some unflattering facial expressions so I will only deliver the best shot.

We’re quite awkward when having our photo taken, is this ok?

I'm the same, don't worry! Posing doesn’t come easily to most people - Just pretend I'm not there and I will strive to capture the natural smiles and real joy of your wedding day. A Pre-Wedding or Engagement shoot can be a great way to ease yourselves in and know what to expect.

Do you charge extra for travel and hotel accommodation?

If the location is more than 50 miles from Clacton On Sea then there will be a fee to cover my travel expenses, and accommodation if required. This fee is determined by the wedding location and my means of transport etc so please contact me if your wedding venue is further than this distance and we can discuss everything.


When is best to book our engagement photoshoot?

Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, there isn't a 'best' time to book your engagement photoshoot but ideally at least eight weeks prior to your wedding date is preferred due to the time necessary to process your images - I'm sure you would like to receive the photographs before your wedding day!

What can I expect from a pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot?

Most people have never been professionally photographed before. Therefore a pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot is the perfect opportunity for us to meet, and for you to gain confidence in front of the camera and just have a fun with your loved one! Consequently, you will have less to worry about on your wedding day... at least as far as being photographed is concerned, because you've already practiced! Plus, not to mention the beautiful photographs you’ll get from your shoot; the photographs from this session are great for placing onto wedding invitations!


When is best to book a newborn photoshoot?

Newborn photoshoots can be booked at pretty much any stage of your pregnancy or after the birth of your baby, however newborn photoshoots are best done within the first 2 weeks of your baby being born, before he/she becomes too alert. The sooner the photoshoot is booked in, the better as this will secure your chosen date. This date can of course be moved to suit you if the baby arrives earlier/later than planned.

Do you have any props and can we provide our own?

Buying baby props is one of my favourite things to do (it helps me get my baby fix!) and so I do have an array of blankets and props etc that you can choose from. Of course though I do encourage parents to provide their own props if they wish to as this can make the photoshoot extra special.

How long does a newborn photoshoot last?

This factor is entirely down to whether or not your little cherub wants to sleep or not! I try my best to guide parents as much as I can before the photoshoot and provide them with tips to make the photoshoot flow as easily as possible but the time period can not always be controlled, therefore newborn photoshoots can last anywhere between 1 and 4 hours.


Is there anything in particular that we should bring along?

Feel free to bring anything that you would usually have for a day at the park! My main aim on children's photoshoots is to ensure they have fun and enjoy the experience so please bring any of the children's favourite toys, perhaps a ball or skipping rope; also snacks (although it is best to avoid any food such as crisps that will result in coloured goo around their mouths!), a drink and wipes - it's amazing how filthy kids can get on a photoshoot.

What happens if it rains?

Living in the UK all of my life means that I am totally confident about shooting whatever the weather! Many of the photographs in my portfolio have been taken outdoors on damp days in the lovely soft light that results from cloud-cover and drizzling rain. It may sound the opposite of what you would expect, but I much prefer photographing on a dull day as the light is often more flattering.

What happens if my child is unwell on the day of the photoshoot?

If your child falls ill, then all I ask is that you let me know as soon as possible so that we can postpone the photoshoot. I would much rather wait until your child is feeling better and back to their normal self so that we can run around and have fun without a care in the world!

What type of clothes should I dress my child in?

This mainly depends on the location of the photoshoot and I will always discuss clothing with the parents before a photoshoot. If in doubt, simple, plain-coloured clothing tends to work well in most situations - Bold stripes and patterns don't always tend to photograph well and can be distracting in the photographs, taking the attention away from your child's face. If the ground is wet then please avoid dressing your child in white tights or similar as the chances of falling over and muddy knees is high!

Can Mum and Dad feature in some of the photographs too?

Absolutely! The family photoshoot packages that I offer are priced the same as the child photography packages so there is no additional charge for this, however you will still receive the agreed number of final photographs; unless you choose to purchase more of course!

Is it possible to incorporate any of our child's hobbies into the shoot, such as surfing, horse riding, football?

I believe this adds a much more personal and special touch to the photographs and definitely encourage the idea! If this is something that you would like to do then please let me know about any specific hobbies in advance, as some activities will require me to bring specialist equipment along with me and if it is something that I haven't yet encountered, I would want to research it thoroughly to ensure I can capture the very best pictures for you.

If your child is a great swimmer, legally I cannot photograph in public swimming pools but if you have access to a private pool, then great! 


I have a large family - Is there a maximum group size?

This is dependent on the location of your photoshoot; the studio is better suited for groups of about 5 or less, whereas with outdoor photoshoots - the more the merrier!

Can Rover the dog join in?

It is perfectly fine if your pets want to join you in your family portraits! It is important to be aware though that some outdoor locations may have restrictions in place. Please contact me and let me know if you will have an extra four-legged member of your family joining your photoshoot.

I'm worried our children won't cooperate! 

The best thing to do in this situation is just to joke around with your child/children and have fun - that will make them smile! If you are relaxed and enjoying yourselves, then the kids will too!

We're taking this opportunity to have a day out, is there much to do in the area?

The studio is just round the corner from Chorlton Park which has a very large play area for the kids to burn off a bit off some adrenaline. Ten minutes walk along Barlow Moor Road and you’ll get to the heart of Chorlton which benefits from a very wide range of restaurants, bars, pubs and independent shops.

What should we wear?

It is most important to wear what you feel comfortable in and what represents your style. Whether that is a suit and tie, dress, shorts and a shirt, or your beach wear. It’s up to you!

Some families like to colour co-ordinate – by adding a splash of a specific colour, like red, into each outfit. However, if you are worried that this will look too mismatched, then just focus on how the colours will look together. Too many bright colours and strong patterns can confuse the eye when looking at a photograph and distract from the subject's faces.

For large group portraits, it is not necessary for everyone to match, just try and wear simple outfits that compliment on another! Denim blue jeans photograph well and can tie a group together. If you have a specific room in mind that you would like to display one of your final images from your shoot, then it may be worth considering the room decor and what colours would work well there.


At what stage in my pregnancy is best for a maternity photoshoot?

The ideal time during your pregnancy for a maternity photoshoot tends to be around 25-30 weeks. At this stage your bump is likely to be nice and big and round, perfect for photographs!

Where will the photoshoot take place?

The photoshoot can either take place in the comfort of your own home or we can go out and about into the natural environment, whatever you feel most comfortable with!

I have stretch marks and/or other blemishes on my skin, the photos will look awful, won't they?

With modern computer software like Adobe Photoshop I work hard to make sure that stretch marks and other skin blemishes are completely removed. I use a variety of techniques to remove unwanted marks, but if you would like to remain natural then please tell me.