I'm a bit late to be jumping on the Halloween bandwagon as it was 2 weeks ago now in the UK - But there is always next year and I'm sure someone will require some Halloween child photoshoot ideas and inspiration

When creating this Halloween-style photoshoot I wanted to develop it in a way that wasn't tacky and just hinted aspects of Halloween - I was photographing a sweet little girl after all, the least thing I wanted to do was to make her appear scary... Or even scared herself!

I'm all-for seasonal photoshoots - Halloween photoshoots, firework photoshoots, Christmas photoshoots etc, but I do believe that a lot of photographers make the photographs look extremely cheap. Don't get me wrong, this may work for some photographers, but it definitely doesn't work for me!

Pinterest was my main source of inspiration (https://www.pinterest.com/kelsielow) and this is why I know this Halloween child photoshoot ideas blog post will *hopefully* help someone out there, because its exactly the term that I searched for when I needed Halloween child photoshoot inspiration.

After searching on Pinterest, I grasped that I could perhaps go down the route of using the natural autumnal oranges that were present at the time, rather than altering the light at all, and also create a cute, rustic setting.

When I was younger I was an avid horse rider and so I contacted a girl that used to ride at the same stables as myself and she kindly let me borrow a bale of straw for the day! I then went to a farm shop local to my home and bought several pumpkins (I think it was 4 in total) knowing that if I wanted more to appear in the photograph, I could clone them in Photoshop.

It was quite difficult to get the child to interact with the pumpkins as although they are bright and colourful, they were too heavy for her to pick up so after a bit of a prod and a poke, she was no longer interested so I had to act quickly whilst she was intrigued by them.

This Halloween children's photoshoot was over a year ago now and I would do some things differently if I was to take a photograph in the same setting again. I think I would include more pumpkins and perhaps a subtle vignette to draw the eye into the centre of the photographs slightly more. 

I would also probably dress the child in a more vibrant colour, maybe a colour like red that would suit the setting and also make her stand out.