So today I'm taking the leap and writing my first ever photography blog post. Beautiful baby Wren was photographed by myself earlier on this year and she is so adorable that it was difficult not to choose her photoshoot to write about! 

This photoshoot was lit entirely using natural window light and Wren was resting on a large baby beanbag and soft blankets with several cushions propped underneath. 

Prior to photographing Wren I had only photographed 2 other babies before and from those I learnt what I needed to do in order to improve for the next time (this time). Wren's photographs are a much truer-colour (when I look back now, the tone of previous newborn shoots wasn't great - too warm etc) and also not to be afraid of being adventurous!

At first cheeky little Wren was reluctant to sleep...


But we got there in the end...

The last photograph is definitely my favourite from the photoshoot. I love her pose and the emotion on her sleepy face. This pose was more ambitious than any I had previously tried and was definitely me stepping outside of my comfort zone! Myself and Wren's mummy played with her little fingers for 5/10 minutes gradually teasing them open from a clenched fist to resting hands and it was totally worth the effort!

This photoshoot taught me that unless you try, you will never know what you may be able to succeed at. Posing Wren was challenging but the hard work paid off and I can't wait for my next newborn photoshoot.