I abbbbbbsolutely LOVE this...


I found this quote online a few days ago and knew it would be perfect for this week's photography thought of the week! It's crazy how much of an impact a couple of sentences can have on you when you're feeling down about your photography but it really does help.

This particular inspirational photography quote was written/spoken by Pratik Naik, a high end photographic retoucher, who's work I have only recently came across but I have already been amazed. His ability to transform ordinary, yet professional images into works of vibrant colour and skin perfection is astounding. Not only is Pratik Naik, Retoucher at Solstice Retouch, great at what he does, but he's also not afraid to share what he knows with others too, regularly posting before and after photographs and tutorial YouTube videos onto his Facebook page. (https://www.facebook.com/highendretoucher)

Referring back to the quote, we always hear people say the words 'believe it and it will happen', yet we find it so hard to actually believe those words, and in turn believe in ourselves. But what if the saying is true? How would we know? There really is no way of knowing unless we do believe, and the above quote gave me the push I needed to reiterate this point in my mind.