A lot of people tend to think that a photoshoot of their child would involve the child standing stiff in a pose and saying 'cheese' at the camera, gradually getting more and more disinterested as the time goes on. Well that is certainly not the case if your child is photographed by a professional photographer with a real, fun personality and one that connects with your child, ensuring they have such a great time they almost fail to notice the camera is even there!

During children's photoshoots I love nothing more than playing games with them, having running races and climbing trees; this is when your child learns that they can trust me, that I share their humour and when I capture the photographs that portray their true happiness.


As well as having fun and making your child laugh on children's photoshoots, I also love creating a magical experience, even if it simply involves rolling around in leaves and throwing blossom in the air! Such actions are usually not part of your child's everyday schedule so this introduces them to something new and fun that they haven't done a million times before and engages them!


I want to make your child feel special and although it is usually the parent's decision to arrange a children's photoshoot, I give my full attention to your child and ensure they feel like their parent's decision was a good one because they had a ball!