The opportunity to be an Amsterdam wedding photographer in this unique country is an exciting one. Recently I traveled to Amsterdam with friends and of course we took lots of photos to document our travels.

Home to such delicious food (especially the pastries + waffles), your wedding meal could be amazing! Imagine having a waffle stack as a wedding cake alternative?! Mmmmm. I definitely hope to return as an Amsterdam wedding photographer and photograph a wedding there soon. Strolling beside the beautiful canals would make a beautiful backdrop and I would lurrrrve to have a couple daring enough to go on the A’DAM Lookout, if you haven’t seen it you have to check it out! Its a huge swing that sits on the rooftop of a 20-storey building. Imagine your dress blowing in the air as you take in the breathtaking panoramic view, a fab opportunity for an Amsterdam wedding photographer.

In general if you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam then these are some things I recommend:

  • Hire bikes – My friends and I decided to hire bikes despite the horrible weather and it was the best decision, you see so much more of the city cycling everywhere on your own and it really was just hilarious trying to navigate our way round ourselves.
  • Go in the bakeries – Oh my word the variety of baked treats available in Amsterdam is just amazing, from waffles to crepes, doughnuts to pastries, there are so many delicious options and are all definitely worth a sample.
  • Chocomel is the most delicious hot chocolate ever – Served in most cafes this hot chocolate is just amazing, no idea what makes it so much better than other hot chocolates, but try it!
  • I Amsterdam sign – If you want to get a photo by the ‘I Amsterdam sign’ in front of the Rijksmuseum then you have to go super early, we arrived probably around midday and there were people all over the place.

If you’re planning your wedding in Amsterdam and are looking for an Amsterdam wedding photographer then get in touch with me! I’d love to visit again and would be a pleasure to photograph a wedding there.


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