I’m fully aware of the fact the idea of creating your wedding guest list fills most people with dread, usually because you can think of so many people you want to be there, but they also come with extras… children, partners etc that you may not be close with. I found this super helpful guide to creating your wedding guest list on The Wed Life which I have included below. You shouldn’t feel pressured into inviting everyone and their neighbour, at the end of the day this is your wedding day and you only want people to be there who you feel fully comfortable chatting to… no one likes awkward small talk!

Recently it’s been announced that the average UK wedding has 120 guests, but this doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. If you have a huge family and are keen to have them all there then go ahead, even if this takes your numbers up to 300. At the same time, if you’re hoping for a more intimate wedding with only those closest to you then by all means only invite those people. I personally prefer weddings on the smaller side only because I think this makes the day so much more enjoyable for the bride and groom, if you have hundreds of people chances are you’re never going to get round to see all of them and may end up spending the majority of your wedding greeting guests.

Some wedding venues have a guest limit so ensure when looking for your wedding venue and creating your wedding guest list that these amounts tie in together. Plus ones can be the most awkward situation to consider when creating your wedding guest list. You have a single friend who doesn’t fancy turning up on their own so they’ve asked if they can bring someone with them… Some couples might be cool with this, but at the end of the day there is nothing wrong with being ruthless. It’s your wedding day and do you really want to be catering for someone you’ve not met? Yes your friend may feel a bit lost to begin with but weddings are such friendly events try introducing them to someone you know and think they’ll get along with instead. Maybe even before the wedding go for drinks together so that they have a friend who is also invited as a guest on the day. There is no shame in turning up to a wedding on your own and I guarantee your guests will quickly merge creating new relationships.

Children are also a tricky subject for some. A lot of people don’t mind children being at there wedding at all and love the sense of fun they can bring to the day, but others can find that they are distracting and take the real focus of the day away from their parents. If you are having children at your wedding a very important thing to check is that your wedding venue is a safe place – some venues have lakes or areas of open water so it’s best to have a plan in place to maybe keep children in a specific area or have people to watch over them at all times. For parents, the idea of having a day where you are without your children, can have a drink and enjoy themselves is a welcome thought and so many decide to not bring their kids. I’m sure when you have them, date nights are a rarity and so why not treat yourselves to a day on your own together, you will be able to relax much more knowing all you have to focus on is the wedding itself. If when creating your wedding guest list you decide you would definitely like to have children at your wedding then find ways to keep them entertained; bouncy castles are always great fun (even for the adults), additionally lawn games or space hoppers never fail to bring lots of laughs!

Below is the chart I earlier mentioned which will help even the most confused of people with creating their wedding guest list and working out the most important people to ensure are invited. My last thought to leave you with is definitely always remember its your day, so do things your way.



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