Are you looking for an elopement photographer to capture the true connection between you and your partner? The decision to elope is such a powerful one and a decision that I respect so much. You and your loved one, the most beautiful surroundings and sheer happiness, it doesn’t get much better than that. I love the simplicity of elopements and the feeling they bring; no production or performance – just a focus on what really matters most. The best weddings are less about meticulous planning and more about spontaneity and adventure. As much as I love my home comforts, exploring the outdoors and being among nature makes me feel free so if you’re looking for an elopement photographer in the UK or abroad, we could make the perfect partnership.

I take great pride in being an elopement photographer and sympathise with how a large wedding full of family and guests can sometimes feel overwhelming and just not what you want. Elopements allow couples to escape the expectation and pressure of putting together such a big event. Instead, why not run away with an elopement photographer and say your vows to each other in a much more personal way? Just elope.

To drift unplanned

led only by the landscape

Embark with me on an adventure of a lifetime and let me show you the world, nature and familiar places like you’ve never seen them before. The the colors, the textures, the movement. It’s all there, and it’s beautiful! As are you.

Although I’m based in Essex, as an elopement photographer I’m willing to travel wherever in the world you want to go. Whether your planning an elopement beneath a waterfall in Iceland, on a mountain in Africa or staying slightly closer to home in the beautiful Lake District, I’m there as your elopement photographer to capture all of the beauty in an unobtrusive way.