You only have to follow me on Instagram to get a sense of my latest little obsession, my French Bulldog, Remy. Remy joined my life in December 2017 has become my little buddy keeping me entertained during my self-employed life… basically I’m one of those crazy people that talk to their dog all day long because everyone else works Monday-Friday whereas my busiest working days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

At the time of writing this blog post Remy is 7 months old and already has SUCH a personality. If you have a French Bulldog or know of someone that does, you’re probably aware of their cheekiness and wild character, all the while being as stubborn as an Ox; Remy is no different. He’s the kind of dog that will innocently run off with your sock and as soon as he realises its a naughty thing to do, bolts around and around in circles quicker than you would ever think a little stubby-legged dog could run, so that you don’t stand a chance in hell of catching him. Despite this, he’s also the most loving little creature. When I’m having a down day if I cry for any reason (making myself sound like a right loser now) he just knows instantly and jumps on my face smothering me with licks so that I can’t help but laugh.

French Bulldogs are very dependant dogs and love nothing more than following you absolutely everywhere (I mean everywhere.. including to the loo), literally like a crawling baby would. When he was a tiny pup placing himself on my chest and falling asleep was no problem at all, however this habit doesn’t seem to have passed despite his ever-growing size, so you’ll often find me squished into the sofa by 15KG of furry boulder. Obviously this can be super comforting in the evenings when you’re on a wind-down from a busy day, but during prime working hours when you’re trying to get things done, not being able to reach your computer mouse because he’s flattened your hands with his belly isn’t ideal.

My partner and I chose a French Bulldog because although I love big dogs, I knew in reality this wouldn’t be the best choice for us as they require lots of walking and we wouldn’t be able to devote enough time to this. French Bulldogs only really need 2 x 15 minute walks per day which is ideal for us, one walk in the morning and then one in the evening. Plus I’ve been the biggest fan of their super cute bat ears and Stitch-like faces since stumbling across endless videos of them all over the internet. There is one video of a Frenchie puppy being washed in the sink under running water and it’s the most adorable thing ever, you have to watch it.

The meaning behind his name is a bit of an odd one but one that meant a lot to us. Together we spent hours trawling the internet for cute names and we were looking at pictures and saying names but nothing was clicking. As a lover of Disney films, I had a search for male Disney film names and came across a blog post which lists cute names from Disney characters. The name Remy popped up and we both looked at each other… “Remy, of course!” We LOVE the film Ratatouille (probably because we love food so much… too much) and the main character in the film is called Remy. Not to mention the fact the film is obviously set in France, perfect for a French Bulldog, and as a pup he would chomp down his food quicker than you would believe. It was the one.

Everyday his little personality comes out more and more and he really has become a member of our family. Anyone reading this who isn’t into dogs is probably thinking oh lordy what a weirdo, but hopefully those with a love for dogs will get my drift!

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance office dog I’d totally recommend a French Bulldog. Obviously by low-maintenance I don’t mean they don’t take a lot of care because they do, but generally most of the time they are quite content with letting you get on with your work and sleep many times during the day meaning you’re able to have time to yourself.

SO, if you’re getting married and planning on having your dog join the day… hell to the yesssss, please do! Or if you’d like to include them in your pre-wedding photoshoot then absolutely do it. To view endless photos and videos of Remy head over to my Instagram, he has his own story highlight!


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