Let's face it, we aaaaaall hate having our photo taken

You’re so not alone in feeling nervous about being in front of the camera on your wedding day – I mean when else in our lives are we?! Of course, there were those times in school when you’d be made to smile for the school newsletter, or at Snappy Snaps when you had to give a blank stare for your passport – both occasions when we need to look dead on at the camera and feel super awkward in the process. This is sooooooooo not my style! Couldn’t be further from it in fact, and feeling relaxed whilst having your photo taken is exactly what I want my couples to experience.

I’ve put together this handy lil guide full of my top tips to ease any nerves you may experience before your big day and ensure that you’re left feeling much more comfortable in front of the camera. My personal photography style perfectly encompasses all of the below ensuring you have a wonderfully relaxed experience resulting in natural photos of the two of you! Of course, all photographers have different approaches, but as long as you guys feel comfortable then no matter if you’re opting for super fun, candid photography (moi) or more formal, traditional photography (not moi), you’ll be super happy with the end result!



Buckle up folks! We're going to get you from Instagram selfies to effortless candid snaps

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OBVIOUSLY I had to start with this one when the subject is top tips for feeling ‘relaxed’ in front of the camera… my number one tip is exactly that, to relax! Yes knowing you have a camera aimed in your direction may be a really weird feeling but the more you relax and don’t actually think about it, the more calm you will feel instantly, resulting in wonderfully natural photographs of you and your partner. If you’re really terrified and see no way of you relaxing whatsoever then perhaps a tipple or two is the perfect fuel!


This is a crucial first tip. One of the things that makes the biggest difference to an enjoyable portrait session is comfort. Being comfortable around your photographer is absolutely key, as you’ll be much less guarded and clunky around them; you’ll be warm, open, and relaxed, as you are around good pals. This in turn creates much more natural, relaxed shots! Choose a photographer who’s style you really connect with – check out their instagram and their portfolio online to see what their work looks like, and meet them in person at a wedding fair or consultation if you can. A lot of photographers – including me, hi! – also offer engagement shoots before the wedding, to a) help you find your groove around them and b) help them find their groove around you. They’re excellent ways to get to know each other, and work out how to bring out the best in you. This means that by the time your wedding rolls around, you genuinely are good pals with them.


No, this hasn’t strayed into marriage counselling – talking to each other is also one of my top tips for relaxed couple portraits! If silence feels romantic and steeped in deep emotion for you, that’s totally fine – you go and get lovingly lost in your own little world. However, if you find silence awkward and uncomfortable, feel free to talk to your partner. Your photographer may have some ideas for what you can talk about, like whispering your favourite thing about your partner in their ear, or recounting a hilarious memory guaranteed to make you both fall about laughing. It’s an excellent way to elicit real connection and authentic emotion – and don’t worry about what you say, your photographer’s too busy watching the absolute magic unfold through their lens than they are listening to what you’re saying.


One of the reasons photos can feel uncomfortable normally is because of their static nature – when someone puts a camera in front of your face in everyday life, you often have to freeze, put everything you were saying/doing/eating/thinking on hold, and smile in a way you never smile usually. Relaxed couple portraits should be the opposite of that, so don’t be afraid to move in your session. It feels much more natural to be in motion – especially with each other! How often do you sit with your loved one totally static and rigid?! And if you’re worried about how it looks, don’t fret – your photographer will give you guidance when an angle looks awkward, or when you’d be best suited turning slightly more towards the sun.


This is important both for relaxed couple portraits and for your enjoyment of the day. When you’re setting your timings ahead of your wedding day, you may begrudge scheduling some time away from the party you’ve spent so much time and effort planning. However, your wedding day can go SO quickly that you’ll be really grateful for the time together alone when it comes around (well, with me creeping in the background). Spending your portraits session focusing on each other, and what just happened – YOU JUST GOT MARRIED, IS WHAT JUST HAPPENED! HELL YEAH – makes for stunningly relaxed couple portraits, as you’re both just taking in the incredible moment.


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