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Most importantly, above everything else, you’re here to marry your best friend. This day is all about celebrating the love you both have for each other so ensure that is your focal point when planning your UK wedding. You’ll more than likely bump into a lot of unwanted pressure along the way with expectations of how wedding days are ‘supposed’ to flow, but that doesn’t mean you have to succumb to it! If you’d rather have your wedding in the great outdoors rather than a traditional church then do so. If you’d prefer barefoot to heels then kick those Louboutins to the curb and strut around with ease. What matters most is you’re both together having the best day of your lives!

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Take a sneaky glimpse at wedding highlights from start to finish and view the all of the magic step-by-step as it unfolds. The perfect way to see the kind of documentary coverage you will receive on your wedding day!

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