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Together you have a story to tell

I’m a huge crusader for the term ‘you only live once’ because I think it’s so important to enjoy every aspect of life, we’re all only on this planet once (supposedly) and so you’ve got to make the most of things. Don’t feel like pulling a funny face and giggling until you keel over makes you look silly because that is you enjoying yourself and there is nothing more natural or beautiful to see!

"BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER EVER! I can't express how lovely and such a babe Kelsie is, she makes you feel so at ease and her photos are just beautiful!"



Care much less about the formal tradition of a wedding and more about having a blast with those closest to you. You love spending time outdoors, drinking in the sunshine and fooling around without a care in the world. Getting stuck into tug-of-war in your Jimmy Choo’s is nothing out of the ordinary.



Lover of laughter and fun times. Not phased by crawling round on my hands and knees or being lifted sky-high in a tractor bucket (photo evidence available) to get the perfect shot. Seek free-spirited, pure personalities.

What takes your fancy?

Whether you’re getting married in the UK, abroad or eloping together you can find information relative to your plans by clicking above. No matter the location, your wild and free wedding day is bound to be one of a kind; the best day of your life. As a wedding photographer I’ve visited so many different amazing locations so if you would like some recommendations, whether local or not, let me know and I can help!

Want to view wedding galleries?

Take a sneaky glimpse at wedding highlights from start to finish and view the all of the magic step-by-step as it unfolds. The perfect way to see the kind of documentary coverage you will receive on your wedding day!

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